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Monsters and Myths and my Obsession with Zombies

After a grueling semester of reading a dozen or so memoirs, three Beatle books, and countless web-based links, I'm beginning to understand that online LIS majors better deserve Pinkerton's motto of "We Never Sleep." Indeed, the ever present reddened eyes of LIS majors are strained, dried, and yearning for a much needed rest.

But I couldn't help opening the book for this summer's MPH478 course entitled, The Body of Frankenstein's Monster by Cecil Helman. I'm sure most of you already know, but it seems I always have to remind myself that Frankenstein is not the monster, but rather the Swiss doctor who egotistically offered us mankind's first abomination as well as the "mad scientist" myth. I've only read the introduction and the first few chapters, but so far Helman's book magnificently explains my obsession with the supernatural and how it plays into our psyche.

For those like me who are fascinated by monsters and zombies (I know you're hiding somewhere out there) this book addresses the physical connection to these fascinations, and most important, why all this has stood the test of time. It's a very good read thus far.

Although I get a little frightened when a four credit course requires only one book, I'm really looking forward to it nevertheless.

Gotta love liberal studies!


Pam R. said...

This is the joy of liberal studies because we're able to learn about such things as monsters and zombies by analyzing and utilizing our critical thinking skills. But I'll tell ya, I would much rather let those monsters and zombies remain in my dreams rather than become a part of my reality. :-)

Good luck with your class, Susan!

Pam R.

Amy said...

I took the Beatles class last semester and yes, it was grueling but what a great experience. If it's offered again, I'd highly recommend it. Prof Cheney is the best.
I'm taking this summer's MPH438 class and just ordered the book. After reading your post, I'm really looking forward to this one as well!