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I'm still fine tuning this project but I wanted to throw it out there to get some feed-back.

I think I've mentioned Prezi in the past. I've always hated PowerPoint but Prezi is slick enough that I'm willing to ignore my dislike of presentation software. It allows the user to not only present information, but to present it visually in a way that reinforces the content. In this example, I've been able to plot out a structure that, to some extent, illustrates a seemingly complicated curriculum AND I'm able to fly around the illustration to present the details.


Susan Walker said...

Great idea and I think Prezi is a really a nice break from the ho hum Power Point, as you said.

However, is this a tool for those already enrolled in the LIS degree plan or do you intend to use it as an outreach presentation? I see this as a really important question regarding the design because the terminology and acronyms will have to be chosen with greater care and organization if being used for outreach. Also, due to Prezi's non-linear format, I would suggest keeping the presentation very concise, and assure transitional clauses in the text to aid the reader (the ellipsis is very good) where appropriate. Maybe some beginning intro such as "click here to start" might help get people started too. Also, I would suggest another color scheme?

Just some thoughts...